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Chris Dawson




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  • http://www.tamebay.com

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Chris Dawson, co-founder and co-editor of Tamebay, works on the site full-time, writing and attending numerous ecommerce events. Previously he was a full-time eBay seller for over eight years, making his living by trading on the platform as a prolific poster on the eBay PowerSeller board and regularly attending eBay Universities and eBay live events. Noticing a lack of general information and help, he had aspirations to create a site to “Tame eBay”, bought a URL and promptly did nothing about it. Then one day talking to Sue Bailey and Dan Wilson, Dan uttered the fateful words, “You guys should both have a blog”. Sue immediately said, “We can do this together” and Tamebay was born.

Chris also undertakes consulting assignments for companies wishing to fast-track their eBay sales and is available for media appearances and speaking engagements. He speaks regularly at ecommerce events around the country on TV and radio, giving ecommerce commentary. He has most recently appeared on BBC News 24, BBC You & Yours and Sky News.