What is eSeller about? is an ambitious online-only title serving an audience of ecommerce-savvy UK businesses who nevertheless need access to critical and ever-changing information on how to make digital channels work best for them.

Relentlessly commercial in its outlook and recognising that the sale is all-important,’s focus is finding the right way to get online, sell online, grow your sales and extend your digital commercial activities to achieve your business’ most efficient growth curve.’s first objective is to provide useful content and resources that help ecommerce businesses to grow through selling more. There is no content for content’s sake: no waffle, no filler.

That means information about products and services influencing eCommerce worldwide, mission-critical news from the industry and inspiration from commercial experts and people who have made money through selling online.

Who uses eSeller?

eSeller’s focus is upon the individual business-person responsible for selling. Whether an individual entrepreneur, a small business or where the buck stops in a much larger enterprise, the key question we keep in mind is “what should I do?”, and our mission is to provide answers!

Specifically, eSeller has a community of 25,000 from the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector, comprising three key types of individuals:

  • Entrepreneurs in businesses from £0.5m up to £10m turnover, looking to build out their business online or two improve what they do already with new products and successful ways of thinking
  • Managers in large businesses looking to introduce or improve their eCommerce product by learning from the best in the market for free
  • Leaders of teams within large businesses (€30-50million) who need to cover a series of roles while eCommerce is still a small proportion of overall sales.

Who advertises in eSeller?

eSeller’s advertisers are suppliers to the retail and eCommerce sector.

eSeller attracts advertisers such as:

  • Amazon
  • PayPal
  • Channel Advisor
  • Frooition
  • Blue Claw
  • SKU Logistics
  • Incentivated
  • Office of Fair Trading